Lord of the Rings/Lost Crossover by Distress Signal

  • "Lord of the Rings/Lost Crossover" 02-19-2006
    A look at The Two Towers holds the answer to one of Losts biggest mysteries.
  • Fandom: Lost
    Song: The Lord Of The Rings by Howard Shore
    Length: 4:19 (14.5MB WMV)
  • Characters/Ships: Ensemble


  • addboy posted on 05.05. at 07:59
    silly video! So that's the monster on Lost? Mystery solved! Hehehe. Great job!
  • Claire_Rockslost247 posted on 20.03. at 14:38
    awesome job ! i loved the locke as gandalf lol that was great .
  • cows23 posted on 25.02. at 10:36
    That was really good! It looked like Merry and Pippin were really on the island! The part with Locke as Gandalf was predictable, but it was hilarious to see it anyway.
  • Aislynn posted on 24.02. at 17:38
    Thanks! *runs to download*

  • Distress Signal posted on 24.02. at 17:12
    Thanks you guys!

    For anyone who wants to download this, I have a zshare link:


  • Michelina posted on 23.02. at 14:01
    LOL. That was pure genius! Awesome job! Hehe, I cracked up at the end during the credits "Introducing Locke as Gandalf...That's Basically It." *cackle* I was like "Ooh, this is gonna be really good", when the scene switched to Merry and Pippin trying to escape from the Orcs. Heee. Excellent editing!!
  • Aislynn posted on 23.02. at 13:54
    Oh, that was fantabulous, DS! I love LotR and Lost so there's just nothing cooler to me than to see them come together like that!

    Spoiler text, just because I want to give people a chance to see it first: Treebeard is the monster!!!! That just ROCKED!

    The switching back and forth between the scenes went really well, IMO. I couldn't help but laugh every time Charlie suddenly became Merry! I also loved the explanation of what happened to the pilot! Eek! That was creepy yet believeable in the context of the vid!

    And the ending! You KNOW how I love that whole Locke as Gandalf idea!

    If you wouldn't mind, would you put this up in one of the downloadable places? I'd love to have this one to keep!

    A totally awesome merging of two of my favorite things!
  • Imaginary-Peanut-Butter posted on 23.02. at 13:04
    That was hilarious!
    That clips fitted together so well!
    The end with Locke as Gandalf made me laugh so much...
  • LVI Bot posted on 23.02. at 12:34
    "Lord of the Rings/Lost Crossover" 02-19-2006
    A look at The Two Towers holds the answer to one of Losts biggest mysteries.
    Song: Lord of the Rings by Howard Shore
    Vidder: Distress Signal
    Length: 4:19 (14.5MB WMV)

    Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PQTkR8JQF9A

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