Brokeback Island Trailer - Jack/Sawyer by Lostzilla

  • "Brokeback Island Trailer - Jack/Sawyer" 02-13-2006
    February 2006 contest 1st place winner!
  • Fandom: Lost
    Song: The Wings by Gustavo Santaolalla
    Vidder: Lostzilla
    Length: 2:00 (7 MB WMV)
  • Characters/Ships: "Jawyer"


  • ciaimpala posted on 04.02. at 11:45
    This was insanely good-I loved every second of this! The scene choices were perfect!
  • littleton_pace posted on 17.06. at 23:34
    Gorgeous editing! I loved it! Rock on Jawyer!
  • lostzilla posted on 30.09. at 09:08
    YEah I saw that on TV but then again it probably Molly's.
    Sorry guys. but thankx for the info.
  • LostForJate posted on 30.09. at 08:58
    I was gonna post the same thing !

    wooowww thats amazing knowing evie watched your vid !!!!
  • posted on 29.09. at 15:50
    I'm not sure if you know this or not but Evangeline Lilly talked about a Brokeback Music Video that she found on Youtube that was about jack and sawyer. I dunno if there are ne other videos like that on youtube but if not then Evangeline Lilly totally plugged your vid on national television.. but i thought that was pretty freakin cool that she mentioned that. It was on Jimmy Kimmel last night.
  • lostzilla posted on 20.07. at 21:22
    Added a Youtube link.
  • lostzilla posted on 01.06. at 19:42
    Thanks Yakka!
    Glad you like it!
    Prolly should make more trailers
  • Yakka84 posted on 01.06. at 14:28
    Ahhh - the reason I (still! ) think its yours is because the other one isn't labeled a 'trailer' specifically, while yours is, and in fact your one is much more specifically a trailer in content too - and the article says

    a spoof movie trailer

    Anyway, whichever it is I absolutely LOVE your one!!!!
  • lostzilla posted on 28.05. at 12:24
    it's prolly Molly's

    and not mine. Cause hers is more famous.
  • Yakka84 posted on 28.05. at 11:56
    U probably already know - but check out this link...

    Is it your video that Holloway is talking about watching in this interview for men a nutshell it says

    Back at home, Kumala is downloading Brokeback Island, a spoof movie trailer that splices together hilariously homoerotic footage—shirts off, smiles, hands on pistols, lingering glances—of Jack and Sawyer. “You’ve made it, honey,” Kumala says as we pile through the back door. “You’ve been brokeback’d.”

    While Holloway hits the head, Kumala shoots off an e-mail to Abrams, giving him the link.


    Does this mean that Josh Holloway has watched UR video????
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