For Your Soul by Ana B

  • "For Your Soul" 02-11-2006
    February 2006 contest submission
  • Fandom: Lost
    Song: Wings Of A butterfly by HIM
    Vidder: Ana B
    Length: 3:32 (10.24 MB WMV)
  • Characters/Ships: James "Sawyer" Ford


  • Midnight_Star posted on 17.09. at 12:40
    I think you are a brilliant vidder. I love all your videos, especially 'Until the day I die' - but this has to be my new favourite. And coming from a die-hard Skater, that's says a lot! First off; I loved the timing, particularly in those opening chords. The idea of Ana and Sawyer being in the same bar was convincing, and I liked how it looked as if they were pointing the guns at each other. The look Ana gave to Bernard when she saw Sawyer talking to Kate was great, and like acme54 said - having her shoot Ethan was well done. The whole emotion of the video was amazing, I really understood how Ana felt seeing K+S together. Its a very well-compiled video, and your beat use was fantastic. 10/10!
  • acme54 posted on 07.03. at 14:10
    Made some notes as I was watching:
    Like the song.
    Good cuts on beat.
    Nice choice of clips, they (S&A) really seemed like they were in the same place at same time
    Having Ana L. shoot Ethan was well done
    Ending on Skate (My fav ship) always good
  • LVI Bot posted on 06.03. at 21:40
    "For Your Soul" 02-11-2006
    February 2006 contest submission
    Song: Wings of a butterfly by HIM
    Vidder: Ana
    Length: 3:32 (10.24 MB WMV)


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