Shadow On The Sun by Charmax

  • "Shadow On The Sun" 03-12-2005
    This is a character study of Sawyer. It looks at his guilt, his self-loathing, and his inability to shake the demons of his past.
  • Fandom: Lost
    Song: Shadow On The Sun by Audioslave
    Vidder: Charmax
    Length: 4.37 (22.9MB RM)
  • Characters/Ships: James "Sawyer" Ford


  • Hobbes posted on 15.11. at 00:14
    doh! Didn't see that eclipsedplanet, sorry. Morelight just found a copy on his computer as well. Vote on this video quickly or it will still be disqualified
  • EclipsedPlanet posted on 12.11. at 02:35
    I found this on Charmax's website:
  • Hobbes posted on 11.11. at 18:35
    Anyone with a copy of this on their hardrive (RM version ) could you please upload this to Yousendit for us so we can continue the contest? I'll see if I can get ahold of Charmax, but I doubt it, since we couldn't get her when we tried to contact her to tell her about the contest I'd like it on Yousendit as I don't think Charmax wants it hosted for a long time anywhere other than her own site. If we can't get a working link, we'll have to disqualify the video.\
    Thanks to Polarbear for pointing out the missing links btw.
  • kimberwyn posted on 11.08. at 17:20
    Can someone update this? I really want to see it!
  • Hobbes posted on 21.05. at 18:54
  • Charmax posted on 17.03. at 07:47
    Thank you very much Marie for your comment here and on the site
  • MarieWP posted on 16.03. at 22:10
    I can't say it any better than the other posters have. Amazing video!
  • Charmax posted on 14.03. at 06:54
    No I am not afflilated with any tv shows, networks or record companies - though I wouldn't turn any offer down if it came my way

    Aislynn you really know how to make a girl blush Again thank you and can I put you on my CV for a reference?
  • Aislynn posted on 13.03. at 21:42
    Hobbes wrote:
    This is the vid to beat as of now.

    I don't know about the rest of you, but I couldn't beat this vid if I had a baseball bat the size of the Lost Island itself! Absolutely one of the most technically proficient vids I've ever seen. I've asked you before, Charmax, but it's worth repeating:

    Are you suuuuuure you don't work for somebody like ILM??? 'Cause I'd believe it, you betcha!

    A wonderful, wonderful vid. Brava!

  • JakeNRoland posted on 13.03. at 09:26
    LMAO, that was my immediate thought that it was on purpose. And my dumb ass is sitting here going through analysis mode thinking, "Hmm, that's a very interesting choice she made there." And then the thought that immediately followed was, "I wonder if she had a plub-in for that, cause if not I bet that took a long time to accomplish."

    I've had many wonderful accidents happen where I'll watch something I've been working on, and then accidentially notice that something randomly came together as a result of it and just go, COOL.
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