Faint by mattconner


  • Charlie4Claire posted on 23.12. at 02:39
    Yeah thats a really really really really really good one. One of the best. everything fits with the beat of the song and all that. i especially love the begining where it breaks into the guitar and with that the plane breaks into pieces . Fanmatastic stuff!!!!
  • BoBoUK posted on 29.10. at 13:50
    top one
  • lostzilla posted on 29.10. at 04:57
    yeah indeed it's a good video. Great job man.
    I totally agree with randomness, this vid should get more attention.
    I like Dare you to move too Conner. Great vid.
  • Tam posted on 29.10. at 04:01
    You did a good job.
    This is your first video?

    Tu fais vraiment concorder la video avec la musique, ce qui n'est pas toujours le cas.De plus les effet sont bien choisis.

    ps: excuse me for the french but my English is not good.
  • ranDOMness posted on 09.08. at 22:36
    Very cool. Makes me wanna run around screaming. I'm surprised this didn't get more attention...or any attention....
  • Hobbes posted on 21.05. at 18:33
  • Hobbes posted on 12.03. at 14:46
    # "Faint" 2005-03-12
    Everybody runs!
    # Song: Faint by Linkin Park
    Vidder: M Conner
    Length: 2:45 (9 MB WMV)

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