Forsaken by Spinning Iris


  • Blank sky posted on 07.03. at 12:15
    Whoa it felt like i was watching a horror movie. I had to add it to my favorites . Good job .
  • cows23 posted on 01.03. at 14:15
    That was the most perfect song for the others ever. That is also EXACTLY what I planned to do for the 1/06 contest (with a different song) have you been stalking me? It was better than I would have done, anyway.
  • SuperKC posted on 18.02. at 12:23
    This is awesome! I loved it.
  • Polarbear posted on 18.02. at 07:50
    I enjoyed this very creepy and original. Congrats on 3rd place Rachel!
  • LVI Bot posted on 14.02. at 22:30
    "Forsaken" 01-30-2006
    January 2006 contest 3rd place winner!
    Song: Forsaken by David Draiman
    Vidder: Rachel Bumala
    Length: 4:02 (16.95MB WMV)


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