Gravity of Love by crazymol4588



  • "Gravity of Love" 01-29-2006
    An intense look at Jack and Kates relationship.
  • Fandom: Lost
    Song: Gravity Of Love by Enigma
    Vidder: crazymol4588
    Length: 3:28 (23.6 MB WMV)
  • Characters/Ships: "Jate"


  • IntoTheVoid posted on 12.05. at 09:56
    Jeez Louise!!! This vid is sooooooooo cool I was like the whole way through it
  • crazymol4588 posted on 08.02. at 14:34
    I added a putfile link.
  • Just_breathing posted on 07.02. at 11:27
    Ah poop. It won't let me play it. zshare never does. For me anyway. I don't think it likes me much. Hehe

    I really really really want to watch this vid!!
    Is there any chance you have another link for it? Pleaaase? *begs*

  • crazymol4588 posted on 01.02. at 15:30
    Uruviel and Mandi!

    LOL, it's nice to see Skaters giving my vid a chance.
  • Mandi posted on 31.01. at 21:48
    I absolutely despise Jate, but I loved your video. I loved the effects and the editing. I've been in love with that song for the longest time now and I'm glad to see a Lost video to it. You definantly did it justice. Awesome job.
  • Uruviel posted on 31.01. at 03:02
    Very nice video! Good editing and cool effects.
  • crazymol4588 posted on 30.01. at 20:58
    You guys, I can't say how much these comments mean to me. I really worked hard on this video and I love all the feedback I'm getting! I love you all.

    Nate/Holly- Ok I kind of lied. I did make one other Vegas video before this, but it was mainly messing around with effects and I didn't like how it came out so I trashed it. I really focused on making this one better.

    KC- Exactly the effect I was going for.

    MoreLight- I hate it when videos over use special effects, so I tried not to go crazy with them.

    Michelina- WOW. From a Skater that really means a lot! I really took your comments to heart because they meant a lot to me. I think being stuck using WMM for so long really did hinder my editing ability. Yea, I could get my point across, but I think with Vegas I can really make it
    more powerful.

    Again, thanks to everyone who commented or even just watched my video. I love hearing feedback!
  • Michelina posted on 30.01. at 20:25

    And, Okay, I have to confess - I am not a Jater. I'm a..Skater. *ducks*

    BUT! I always appreciate it when there is a vid that shows the more passionate, almost desperate side to their relationship instead of the usual story "Kate likes Jack! AND OMG JACK LIKES KATE TOO!" because their bond goes so much further than that, and that statement was proved and had me convinced by the editing of this vid. It was very beautiful and captivated me from beginning to end. I'm just in total awe. This is one of the rare times that I have enjoyed anything to do with Jate, and I will not regret the fact that I've watched this. It was EXTREMELY awesome and well-made; I've looked at your other vids, and can tell that your vidding talent didn't come to you overnight or when you started using Vegas. You seem to have really worked your butt of with the editing of your other vids as well as this, and dude, it totally shows!! I PRAISE YOU. *applause*
  • MoreLight posted on 30.01. at 19:46
    This was quite a video for your very first with Vegas.

    Excellent job on the beats. You definately have the eye and rhythm for vidding. Nice use of effects whilst not going overboard clicking every transition to a different effect!

    The only parts I had a problem with was the bit of talking with Jack and Kate towards the beginning and the quick cuts towards the end which seemed a little out of place considering the song was winding down.

    Overall a very nicely done video!
  • Hollywood posted on 30.01. at 19:26
    Holy crap-o-la Molls! This was your first Vegas vid? WOW!!!
    Absolutely beautiful! Very nicely edited, I didn't notice any little mistakes here or there or anywhere for that matter.
    Great song choice too might I add, like KC said, very powerful!
    Amazing Job! Loved it!
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