A Cure by Rocksiren



  • "A Cure" 01-28-2006
    Ensemble vid...going for something a little different.
  • Fandom: Lost
    Song: A Cure by Wild Colonials
    Vidder: Rocksiren
    Length: 2:33 (14 MB AVI)
  • Characters/Ships: Ensemble


  • Rocksiren posted on 31.01. at 05:50
    LOL! Thank you you guys, really that means a lot to me. Its like dating again after being married for a while- little shaky on the old feet. I felt since I hadnt used ANY trailer footage before, a little wouldnt hurt. Flattered beyond belief!

    EDIT: The watermark thing: you have a point, but like you said with the effects and all its likely that someone would notice. This is the first one I attempted to do a watermark on, so it would be easier to steal from other videos of mine. Anyway thanks again!!
  • Hobbes posted on 30.01. at 22:02
    Definitely in the top for the best ensemble video I've ever seen Not to mention some of the best beat use EVER! Awesome video Rocksiren, I knew you still had the vidding spirit in you! Absolutely beautiful, and I loved how all the characters heve their own story within it video. You've gotta make some more vids, this was superb.
    And Paul's right, damn that program has some nice effects Vegas may be user-friendly, but it can't do THAT!
  • MoreLight posted on 30.01. at 21:10
    Very well done video. I enjoyed the special effects with the isolation of color and b/w images mixed in with background color. Cool use of the trailer footage too. The only thing that I can comment on is that your watermark basically is not marking any of the footage but with so many really unique clips and effects I suppose it would be difficult for a clip thief to use many of the clips. Great theme and very nicely executed video.

    I really enjoyed viewing this!
  • quarentaine posted on 30.01. at 04:40
    awesome, I love the song and the effects, very nice work
  • Mandi posted on 28.01. at 23:06
    Wow this was a killer video. It was awesome. Great job, i loved the effects.
  • Distress Signal posted on 28.01. at 16:33
    Wow!! Those were the best effects I've seen on a video yet! Really cool! And I liked all the clips you put together and everything!

  • Rocksiren posted on 28.01. at 16:00
    Thanks PB. Moderately insecure- its been 6 months since I made a vid.
  • Polarbear posted on 28.01. at 15:52
    Yeah I did really like it. If I didn't I would have blanked this topic

    I am a big fan of Powerdirector. I think there's a new version coming out soon too hopefully they will add some new transitions and effects that would be cool.

    You probably can do it on Vegas it's just so hard to figure stuff out on there.
  • Rocksiren posted on 28.01. at 15:47
    REALLY? I thought Vegas could do everything but make you breakfast. I always felt inferior about using PDR, but its decent. Its got PIP, so thats something. Thanks, you really liked it?
  • Polarbear posted on 28.01. at 15:40
    Cool vid. Really stylish and creepy.

    You use powerdirector right? I wish I knew how to replace certain colours with Vegas. I dunno how to :/ lol
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