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  • Percolate Films posted on 03.08. at 00:05
    Thanks for the feedback! Yeah, the show itself is definitely pretty "mature" and it's reflected in the video as well, sorry it isn't clearer that it's probably more mature than most (or any T_T) videos here.

    I'm glad you noticed/liked those moments, especially the 'about to fall over bit', I was particularly satisfied with that ha.
  • Im1oftheOceanic6 posted on 02.08. at 22:57
    Great lyric interpretation 1:20 "so slowly...about to fall over". The overlay with the very different emotions for that lyric was a great idea. I'm not that familiar with this show, but I thought you did a good job with the juxtaposition of these different sides- the darker times, them struggling, and the more intimate moments. 2:50 "from here there is nothing but horizon" I liked your lyric use. 3:20 "wasn't it kind of wonderful" where they smiled was great. I liked your music choice as well. There were a few bits that were a bit more "mature" than I typically watch. But overall I thought you had a really interesting and unique look at the series.
  • Percolate Films posted on 02.08. at 00:15
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    "The Leftovers | Ensemble | Touch" 07-28-2016
    Exploring intimacy in The Leftovers.
    Fandom: The Leftovers
    Song: Sickness // Wonderful by Yoko Kanno // Lianne La Havas
    Vidder: Percolate Films
    Length: 5:16 (192.9MB MOV)

    Warning: Contains Mature Themes


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