The Leftovers | Kevin Garvey | Haunted by Percolate Films

  • "The Leftovers | Kevin Garvey | Haunted" 07-06-2016
    Exploring Kevin's journey in Season 2, Episode 7, A Most Powerful Adversary.
  • Fandom: The Leftovers
    Song: Love // Where is My Mind // The Four Seasons by Mica Levi // Maxence Cyrin // Vivaldi
    Length: 7:24 (293MB MOV)
    Program: Final Cut Pro X
  • Characters/Ships: Kevin Garvey

    Vid contains mature themes: Mature Imagery/language


  • Uruviel posted on 06.08. at 23:52
    Lovely video! The overlays are very well done.
  • Im1oftheOceanic6 posted on 31.07. at 22:00
    The best way to see who is a council member is on the home page at the bottom it says "Enjoy your stay The LVI Council" You can click on "The LVI Council" to see who all is on the council.
  • Percolate Films posted on 31.07. at 09:27
    Sorry for my ignorance, but how do I know who's a council member? I'm not sure who to message about the video not showing up.
  • Im1oftheOceanic6 posted on 30.07. at 21:25
    Yes, it does sometimes take a day or two to post. If you haven't seen it posted after a few days just PM one of the council members and make sure there weren't any problems with the link or submission. I've had a couple vids where the link was messed up or my vid pic had an issue and I had to send a replacement before they could post it. I haven't posted on Vimeo in awhile, but those did sometimes take a little longer to post.

    I'll try to give that a watch.

    I never knew fan vids existed until I found the Lost ones back in 2004-2005. It is amazing how many Lost vids there are. I think it shows how much fans loved the show. Lost has been a big influence for me when it comes to viding, writing, and art.
  • Percolate Films posted on 30.07. at 12:28
    Hopefully it'll be up soon! I submitted it a couple days ago. Is it normal for it to sometimes take a while to actually post?

    In case it doesn't post while you're in catch up mode, here's a link

    It's interesting to think about just another way Lost influenced people and their creations. It's kind of mind boggling to me how many 'vids' were made around Lost.
  • Im1oftheOceanic6 posted on 29.07. at 12:34
    Sometimes it takes a bit of time to get responses. I find that leaving responses on other vids sometimes helps to encourage others to comment on your vids. I know for me it usually takes me a bit of time to get around to watching vids.

    That was similar to my experience with LVI. I started watching Lost vids here back in the early days and learned through a mixture of watching vids and helpful tips from members how to vid.

    I'm glad the vids have inspired you to start editing. Music is a great place to start with a vid. My editing style has adapted and changed over the years. I used to base all my vids around lyrics, but I mainly do instrumental vids anymore.

    I will watch for your vid. I am hoping to catch up with the newest vids this weekend.

  • Percolate Films posted on 28.07. at 21:42
    Thanks for the welcome! Sorry it took me a bit to respond. I was checking regularly for a bunch of days after I posted then thought nobody was gonna respond ha.

    I am indeed new to posting, but my first experiences with LVI (unsurprisingly) go way back to the early-ish days of Lost So many wonderful, moving, funny, weird, videos I discovered here. I couldn't forget about this place! And finally years later the inspiration from watching many 'vids' has brought me to finally delve into editing myself.

    I'm glad you enjoyed it. I am new as a video editor, but I've been composing and editing and listening to music for a long time, and in my limited experience so far that's where I find myself beginning when I start a video.

    I've got a new vid that I just submitted and will hopefully be up on the site soon. A different feel to it I think. Would love to hear your feedback if you watch it, whether positive or critical.
  • Im1oftheOceanic6 posted on 18.07. at 23:06
    Welcome to LVI!

    I thought you did a good job with the storytelling. The music fit really well. I really liked the overlays. I think those worked really well for showing his confused/chaotic mind.
  • Percolate Films posted on 06.07. at 19:16
    Now also on Youtube: It may end up blocked on Youtube at some point, I disputed a copyright claim that got picked up by the system because of the opening 1 minute clip.

    Also, I personally prefer it on Vimeo, because:
    - The Vimeo version doesn't contain the 'opening titles' text that I added on Youtube, which I personally feel are an unnecessary and mildly distracting visual (I made them for the Youtube version, hoping that it would stop the opening clip from being claimed).
    - No ads on Vimeo (again a result of a claim, on one of the songs).
  • Percolate Films posted on 06.07. at 16:41
    ***Automated Message***
    "The Leftovers | Kevin Garvey | Haunted" 07-06-2016
    Exploring Kevins journey in Season 2, Episode 7, A Most Powerful Adversary.
    Fandom: The Leftovers
    Song: Love // Where is My Mind // The Four Seasons by Mica Levi // Maxence Cyrin // Vivaldi
    Vidder: Percolate Films
    Length: 7:24 (293MB MOV)

    Warning: Contains Mature Themes

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