Mad Max: Fury Road-Do My Thing by DJC Productions



  • "Mad Max: Fury Road-Do My Thing" 09-07-2015
    Mad Max vid.
  • Song: I'm Gonna Do My Thing by Royal Deluxe
    Length: 2:40 (204MB .mov)
    Program: Final Cut Pro 7
  • Characters/Ships: Ensemble

    Vid contains mature themes: Violence


  • Im1oftheOceanic6 posted on 21.10. at 22:26
    Great vid, Dennis. This song was so perfect for the fandom. I thought your editing was fantastic. Part of it had almost a 3D quality to it. I loved the end, the way the vehicle came apart and how it had that 3D feeling as it came toward you and fades to black.
  • KajaM posted on 20.09. at 03:51
    Such an excellent vid, Dennis! This was my favourite movie of the year, so far, and you really did it justice with your fantastic vid!
  • Brooke posted on 14.09. at 18:38
    The movie is awesome, Nikki. i recommend it if you like action. I have seen all three of the first Mad Max films with Mel Gibson and felt like someone didn't need to watch them to get what was going on; they have nice Easter eggs for those who have seen the originals.
  • namaste nikki posted on 14.09. at 16:03
    This was incredible! I have been putting off renting it, but it looks as if I'm gonna have to buy it now. Excellent Job!
  • eloramoon posted on 12.09. at 01:01
    EEE! That was sooooo bad ass! I was so excited when I saw that you made it. Well done!
  • Brooke posted on 11.09. at 20:24
    THIS WAS AMAZING. I loved this movie and you're vid was perfection, such a great representation of what a fantastic movie this was. I thought you used a lot of really great clips here. One of my favorite interpretations was when you showed Immortan Joe being dressed for his speech, with the lines "Your not the police, you're not the president" nicely put together. I really liked you showed Max waking up in the desert with the music slowing, nice touch. Overall a great vid.
  • DJC Productions posted on 07.09. at 22:38
    ***Automated Message***
    "Mad Max: Fury Road-Do My Thing" 09-07-2015
    Mad Max vid.
    Fandom: Mad Max Fury Road
    Song: Im Gonna Do My Thing by Royal Deluxe
    Vidder: DJC Productions
    Length: 2:40 (204MB .mov)

    Warning: Contains Mature Themes


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