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  • Jemmz posted on 10.11. at 09:23
    Thank you so much Julia and Kat!! So glad you liked it!
  • littleton_pace posted on 09.11. at 20:54
    I was so excited to watch this Jem!! Such a great idea, and such a clever idea weaving Claire's psychic thing into it, with Charlie parenting the child being a "danger" so he had to die because he wasn't supposed to raise Aaron.. And his thing about the couple who Aaron would be safe with being Jate, I'd always thought that, too! I had it in a vid awhile back, I agree about th e"not strangers" thing being the clue Excellent job!
  • eloramoon posted on 09.11. at 17:42
    That was AMAZING, Jemma! OMG, it was soooo perfectly well told and the music gave me goosebumps. So well done!!!
  • Jemmz posted on 08.11. at 13:34
    Thank you so much Emma and Scarlett! I'm so happy you liked the theory and the way I portrayed it in this vid! It was so nice to work on a Lost vid again!!
  • scarlett_106 posted on 08.11. at 13:21
    WOW. What a creative idea, and so beautifully done...the music was interesting w/o distracting from the voiceovers, and the transitions were beautiful. The ending was especially powerful, and I got chills when you showed clips of Charlie "raising" Aaron with the psychic's VO. I never even thought of that, that Charlie had to die because he wasn't supposed to raise Aaron. Very creative and just a beautiful vid. As a bonus, I loved the Jate.

    Honestly I had never even though about Jate being "the couple in LA" until Macaela mentioned it here on LVI a few months ago. But it makes sense and you showed that really well.

    Great vid!! Excellent storytelling.
  • emmasholi posted on 08.11. at 04:26
    Woah! I loved that, Jemma, it was really cleverly done. Great use of audio, and I loved the atmosphere you created. It was captivating!
  • Jemmz posted on 08.11. at 01:07
    Thanks Becca!
  • ciaimpala posted on 07.11. at 19:27
    Wow, that was so eerie and heartbreaking and really clever! Well done hon!
  • Jemmz posted on 07.11. at 05:01
    I'm so happy you enjoyed it, Macaila! I'm glad you liked the layers to the theory and you totally got what I was going for! Yeah the Malkin speech was perfect for Jack/Kate! I have no idea if that's what he really meant, but it made so much sense especially when he says they're not strangers! I'm glad you liked that, I knew it was a favourite theory of yours I wasn't going to include it at first but then I thought it just made sense to include it. Thanks so much again for the lovely comment <3
  • Im1oftheOceanic6 posted on 06.11. at 22:32
    What a cool answer! I never would have equated the island trying to kill Charlie over and over to Aaron's future and who he was to be raised by. It was very unexpected, but it worked brilliantly. Loved the music, it really added to the suspense. I liked the editing, the way you built the mystery. I liked the way the answer built through the vid, it made it feel like watching a mini-mystery. At first I thought Charlie was bad for Aaron, then I started to see Claire wasn't meant for him either. I liked that there were layers to the answer.
    You brought so many of my Lost theories to life in your vid and I absolutely loved seeing it!
    I had noticed since the Pilot when the wing almost fell on Charlie that the island seemed to have it out on him. It was great to see a vid giving an answer as to why. 2:14 was my favorite. I have had the theory that Malkin was talking about Jack and Kate as the "couple in Los Angelas" for so long. It was awesome to see that play out. Christian's line at 2:45, that Aaron was where he was meant to be, I loved that you used that. I always thought that line was important since Sawyer had the baby taking him to Kate in the series when Christian said that. I really liked the way you used that line with Kate having Aaron when she left as O6. The manip of Charlie and Aaron in the Oceanic 6 was really cool.The ending was so sad and beautiful. It made me quite happy to see Kate and Jack get to raise Aaron in this version, but it was also heartbreaking that Claire and Charlie weren't meant to raise him. I loved the visual of the "happy family" over the ocean. This was a fantastic vid, Jemma!
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