Arrow-Oliver & Felicity-Unthinkable by DJC Productions



  • "Arrow-Oliver & Felicity-Unthinkable" 08-11-2014
    Overview of Oliver and Felicity's relationship.
  • Fandom: Arrow
    Song: Households by Sleeping at Last
    Length: 7:14 (536MB .mov)
    Program: Final Cut Pro 7
  • Characters/Ships: Oliver Queen, Felicity Smoak


  • Im1oftheOceanic6 posted on 09.10. at 22:35
    Fantastic vid! They're so cute together. I really liked the way you showed how they're relationship grew and developed over time. I also liked the way you edited the vid and showed themes in their relationship. Your audio choices and scene choices were perfect. That scene around 2:11 where Oliver makes the guy lose his papers and get off the elevator made me smile. The way that Felicity says things that come out wrong was also funny I liked that you captured such a wide range of emotions between the characters. Awesome vid!
  • Uruviel posted on 19.08. at 23:37
    I definitely want to watch this show! Great vid!
  • rbexter93 posted on 18.08. at 11:57
    I've never got round to watching Arrow but I felt like your video showed me the evolution of a relationship really well. You managed to include pretty much every emotion to show off the pairing.
  • KajaM posted on 11.08. at 23:22
    Ok, so first of all: Arrow has been on my To Watch-List for ages and watching your vid made me realize once more that I should finally get going with it!

    Secondly: Wow! What an excellent vid! I love how you took it from funny, cute and adorkable to really serious and emotional. So well done, Dennis!

    Oh, and a little extra squee for a short glimpse at James Callis, yay!
  • DJC Productions posted on 11.08. at 23:16
    ***Automated Message***
    "Arrow-Oliver & Felicity-Unthinkable" 08-11-2014
    Overview of Oliver and Felicitys relationship.
    Fandom: Arrow
    Song: Households by Sleeping at Last
    Vidder: DJC Productions
    Length: 7:14 (536MB .mov)


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