Benjamin Linus-I Wish I Was Special by DJC Productions



  • "Benjamin Linus-I Wish I Was Special" 03-03-2014
    Ben Linus character study.
  • Fandom: Lost
    Length: 4:38 (339MB .mov)
    Program: Final Cut Pro 7
  • Characters/Ships: Benjamin Linus

    Vid contains mature themes: language, violence


  • Britt Britt posted on 18.04. at 21:31
    Holy Christ, this was beautiful. I wanted to do a Ben character study, but I can't knowing it wouldn't be half as good as this.
  • scarlett_106 posted on 21.09. at 19:58
    Wow, that was incredible. The song is PERFECT for Ben, although I heard it many times before and never thought of him. Each lyric was perfectly interpreted and the editing was perfect as usual. The end was especially chilling, with Ben left outside the church. And great use of the Alex flashbacks with the Ben's mom flashbacks. Powerful stuff!

    Btw, how did you get such clear definition? Did you make the clips from a Blu-Ray disc or something? Amazing!

    Also, I loved the part about "I want you to notice when I'm not around" with Ben's dad!
  • Im1oftheOceanic6 posted on 11.04. at 23:06
    Wonderful character study! Perfect song choice for Ben. I think you did a great job of making Ben a sympathetic character. I really liked the part around 3:07 paralleling young Ben and Ben running through the jungle. That was cool, I never caught that before. I thought your lyric use was great. I liked the lyric at the end about 'I don't belong here' with Ben sitting outside the church.
  • Uruviel posted on 15.03. at 00:09
    That was a great Ben character study!
  • KajaM posted on 08.03. at 04:12
    Great character study, Dennis! Love the song choice. Very fitting for Ben's story and the stunning visuals of Lost. Well done you!
  • rbexter93 posted on 04.03. at 06:18
    4 years now without Lost and it's really sad that there aren't as many videos being made anymore but I'll take the quality of the ones produced over quantity any day. This was so perfect, you showed Ben's struggle and made me feel all of the emotions again that I felt watching his story the first time round.
  • Jemmz posted on 03.03. at 12:32
    Fantastic character study This song is perfect!! I really liked your lyric use, especially at the end with the "I don't belong here" with Ben sitting outside the church, as he didn't go inside and move on with the others Great work!
  • DJC Productions posted on 03.03. at 12:29
    ***Automated Message***
    "Benjamin Linus-I Wish I Was Special" 03-02-2014
    Ben Linus character study.
    Fandom: Lost
    Song: Creep by Scala & Kolacny Brothers
    Vidder: DJC Productions
    Length: 4:38 (339MB .mov)

    Warning: Contains Mature Themes


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