Return to Innocence by Rocksiren

  • "Return to Innocence" 02-08-2005
    An uplifting mix of music and all the characters. Beautiful transitions!
  • Fandom: Lost
    Song: Return To Innocence by Enigma
    Vidder: Rocksiren
    Length: 4:13 (12.7MB WMV)
  • Characters/Ships: Ensemble


  • Kate_is_LOST posted on 31.07. at 09:46
    all our comments are deserved I think
    (Enigma + LOST was a good idea <3 )
  • Rocksiren posted on 31.07. at 07:48
    Boy all these ego-boosting cant be good! LOL! Yes actually about the sequel- been thinking about it...trying to pick a perfect song, having a bit of trouble. Actually thought about just using the same one (that one is about 3 different versions of the song edited for my purposes together).

    Glad you liked it!
  • fallen_angel posted on 30.07. at 02:34
    I have always thought I'd posted here... but looking back now i can't believe I didn't This would probably have to be my all time fave vid on LVI... it is just so beautifully done and deserves like 3 council picks This was the vid that I watched and thought to myself ... damn I am gonna start making my own vids. now although mine are nowhere near is brilliant as this .. I thank-you for giving me the inspiration Rocksiren
  • Polarbear posted on 29.07. at 19:06
    I adore this song think you overdid the zooming in and out a lil at the start other than that it was great thanks ^_^ I loved the Locke in the rain scenes and scenes from the moth- perfect eppie for this song. Any chance of a sequel cause you musta made this before some of the later eppies would love to see another rendition
  • Polarbear posted on 29.07. at 18:50
    Rapidshare isn't working says too many users downloading or something can you upload it to yousendit pretty please?


    nevermind saw the other link downloading now
  • Kate_is_LOST posted on 28.07. at 21:51
    Thanks to YOU!
    and yeah, it would be good to have the best hosting options for such a site with great vids like this!
  • Rocksiren posted on 28.07. at 17:23
    WOW! Kate is Lost- thanks!

    I think I uploaded it here, lemme check...yep!

    Sorry everyone, Im slowly starting a crawl over to a site that can host media better than my WMaster.
  • Kate_is_LOST posted on 28.07. at 04:40
    I'm new and this link won't work for me-which is too bad for it's basically Rocksiren's vids which got me hooked by the place...
    could someone use a upload or something?
  • Hobbes posted on 21.05. at 20:24
  • Rocksiren posted on 26.04. at 19:33
    Aw, shucks. Thanks!
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