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Bio: Born in Seattle raised in Bellevue. Lost fan since the start of second season.

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  • It Doesn't Matter

    by xgene 02-24-2007
    Lost: While Jack starts and continues through Ben's surgery, he reflects on his relationship with Kate. Though Jack loves her, he realizes that it doesn't matter and he must ultimately let her go.
    It Doesn't Matter
  • Would?

    by xgene 09-30-2006
    Lost: Charlie vid. Mostly based on his drug problem. Splashed in some faith, Claire and Locke. Angst...I think.
  • Survivor: Lost

    by xgene 09-21-2006
    Lost: Lost opening to Survivor theme. I tried to make it feel and look like a Survivor opening. That is why I used nicknames that the cast may use, or so I read in interviews. Don't know if I'll enter it to CE.
    Survivor: Lost
  • Ode to the Dead

    by xgene 09-12-2006
    Lost: A sort of ~In Memorial~ for the 4 main deaths, includes other castaways. Angsty. Song theme is ~Boromir's Last Stand~
    Ode to the Dead
  • It's Been Awhile

    by xgene 08-30-2006
    Lost: 1st vid. 2 vids have been done to this song but were about Sawyer, hope that's ok with you all. This vid is about Jack with some Jate splashed in. A little angsty.
    It's Been Awhile
1-5 of 5 Videos 1