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Username: starsweetjunkie
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Other Fandoms: Buffy, Serenity, Supernatural
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Bio: Single mom 4 great kids preschool teacher love creating on my computer video maker

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  • Lost - 28 Days Later

    by starsweetjunkie 11-07-2006
    Lost: Creepy movie trailer I made using 28 Days Later audio and music. My inspiration? October 2006 contest 1st place winner!
    Lost - 28 Days Later
  • Geek In The Pink

    by starsweetjunkie 10-06-2006
    Lost: September 2006 contest submission
    Geek In The Pink
  • Cry Little Sister

    by starsweetjunkie 10-05-2006
    Lost: Being dead really sucks! And even though Boone loves Shannon, he realizes the only way they can be together...is if she's dead too. A kind of twisted Boone/Shannon death can't part us video!
    Cry Little Sister
  • You Still Breathing

    by starsweetjunkie 09-11-2006
    Lost: Sort of AU, I think. Decide what Walts real purpose on the island is. Is he a bearer of prophecies or does he actually cause the events that follow? This video explores the games that may be played in the mind of a gifted child.
    You Still Breathing
  • A Prayer for Mr. Eko

    by starsweetjunkie 08-21-2006
    Lost: This is my 1st Mr Eko video I have wanted to make one since the 23rd Psalm and this idea finally came to me one day The video focuses on the reason behind Mr Eko wanting to redeem himself Because he feels he caused his brothers death
    A Prayer for Mr. Eko
  • Kate Came Home

    by starsweetjunkie 08-11-2006
    Lost: July 2006 contest submission
    Kate Came Home
  • I'm Amazed

    by starsweetjunkie 08-08-2006
    Lost: A sweet Jate video. I thought this song was perfect for their interaction in the What Kate Did Episode
    I'm Amazed
  • How You Like Me Now

    by starsweetjunkie 06-30-2006
    Lost: Here Comes The Boy From The South That about sums it up This song is made for Sawyer
    How You Like Me Now
  • A Little Less Conversation

    by starsweetjunkie 06-27-2006
    Lost: I think the song fits Kates frustration that Jack never makes a move in Season 1 and how Sawyer is starting to look pretty good to her since he actually seems to want her
    A Little Less Conversation
1-9 of 9 Videos 1