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starryeyesxx (Bitten)

Username: starryeyesxx
Alternate Name: Bitten
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Website: www.bitten.moonfruit.com
Email: sophieponting@hotmail.comLVI
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Bio: My real name is sophie and i've been making videos for about 5 years now. I only started making Lost videos around the end of season 2, even though i watched it from the beginning. As well as lost, i make videos for Buffy, Angel, Roswell, Friends, The OC & One Tree Hill that you can find on my website.

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starryeyesxx's Videos

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  • Haunted

    by starryeyesxx 12-12-2012
    Lost: An AU video - Kate feels like the spirit of her father is after her and wants revenge. I hope the rest if pretty obvious!
  • Silence

    by starryeyesxx 12-09-2012
    Gossip Girl: A character study of a character I used to love, Blair Waldorf. It's mostly about her insecurities, and how she sometimes feels like she doesn't really matter to anyone else.
  • Supermassive Black Hole

    by starryeyesxx 12-04-2012
    Lost: A remake of an old video of mine.
    Supermassive Black Hole
  • Bad Romance

    by starryeyesxx 11-30-2012
    Glee: A video about all the romantic entanglements on Glee up to the first few eps of season 3.
    Bad Romance
  • Real Life Fairytale

    by starryeyesxx 11-25-2012
    Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Just a sweet Xander/Anya video, it's kind of about how he taught her what love could be like.
    Real Life Fairytale
  • I'll Stand By You

    by starryeyesxx 11-21-2012
    One Tree Hill: November 2012 contest 1st place winner! A video about Brooke & Peyton's friendship & how they've come through all the fights that they've had because they really love each other.
    I'll Stand By You
  • Sink or Swim

    by starryeyesxx 11-16-2012
    Roswell: A general Roswell video.
    Sink or Swim
  • I Shall Believe

    by starryeyesxx 11-08-2012
    Friends: Just a sweet Monica/Chandler video about them being there for each other and facing the bumps along the road together.
    I Shall Believe
  • Rolling In The Deep

    by starryeyesxx 10-07-2012
    Roswell: Just a video about the doomed relationship that was Max/Tess.
    Rolling In The Deep
  • Womanizer

    by starryeyesxx 10-07-2012
    Lost: Just a fun, campy Sawyer video. It has kind of got a storyline though, Sawyer wants Kate, but she knows his type & to stay away, will he get her in the end?
  • Forget Me Not

    by starryeyesxx 08-08-2012
    Lost: Just all my fave angsty Jate scenes together!
    Forget Me Not
  • Save Me From Myself

    by starryeyesxx 07-02-2012
    Lost: Just a little Jack/Kate video, but I experimented around with the effects a bit to try and create a calm, content mood.
    Save Me From Myself
  • Lay Your Hands

    by starryeyesxx 06-13-2012
    Lost: Just a lil Jack/Boone video, there wasn't much of a friendship there, but they were alike in a lot ways, they both did all they could to help people and it's what got both of them killed. At least they're in heaven together now!
    Lay Your Hands
  • By Your Side

    by starryeyesxx 05-29-2012
    Angel: A video about the friendship/relationship between Angel & Cordelia & how they took care of each other.
    By Your Side
  • I Can Feel A Hot One

    by starryeyesxx 05-29-2012
    One Tree Hill: An AU Brooke/Lucas video, based around season 4 as if Brooke was pregnant & had gone the abortion route, & then it follows the lyrics of the song. Mostly Lucas's POV.
    I Can Feel A Hot One
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