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riay_night (Jourdan)

Username: riay_night
Alternate Name: Jourdan
Vidder Rank: Advanced Vidder
Other Fandoms: Just LOST!!!
Email: riay_night@msn,comLVI
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Bio: Hi there, I'm Jourdan! I hail from Arizona, and I attend Arizona State University. I'm a proud and active member of ASU Young Democrats, and I love politics. Other areas of interest include acting and writing. I'm attempting to finish a book right now (currently it is at 30,000 words) and this summer I will be relocating to LA, endeavoring to 'go pro'. Whether I stay beyond the summer has not been decided, but given ASU's current financial situation, signs point towards yes ;) I joined LVI in June 07, and although I am ridiculously busy, I try to vid and stop by as often as possible. I <3 Matthew Fox and Jate. :D

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  • LOST Credits: The Office Style

    by riay_night 01-14-2009
    Lost: Credits to LOST using The Office theme music. Fun little project for me since I haven't completed a vid in like a year, and my new love is The Office. Hope you enjoy!
    LOST Credits: The Office Style
  • Freakshow

    by riay_night 02-27-2008
    Lost: A short vid about that since how the others are so keen to watch Sawyer and Kate in the cages... that they just might get a freakshow.
  • MMM Bop!

    by riay_night 02-07-2008
    Lost: This video is pure unadulterated Jateness. There's no plot or story behind it... just straight up Jate! That's the best way I can put it ;). Warning: Season Four clips!
    MMM Bop!
  • What I've Done

    by riay_night 01-01-2008
    Lost: A character study of what Sawyer has done, and how he forgives himself. My first video using Sony Vegas! Thank you to everyone that helped me with all my questions!
    What I've Done
  • Say Yes

    by riay_night 06-14-2007
    Lost: A mellow vid from Jack's point of view. I feel like this song and it's lyrics represent Jack's view of Kate! My first video EVER!
    Say Yes
1-5 of 5 Videos 1