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Bio: I am a Mira Furlan fan, so expect even more Danielle Rousseau videos here.

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  • Law of Gravity

    by pleiade3 05-26-2007
    Lost: Fate has taken them apart, but the law of gravity will bring them together one day.
    Law of Gravity
  • Drought

    by pleiade3 04-16-2007
    Lost: A character study of Danielle Rousseau from Season One. The dispair of a mother who has lost her child and given up hope.
  • Your Star

    by pleiade3 12-07-2006
    Lost: After searching for her daughter for so long, Danielle has given up hope of ever finding her.
    Your Star
  • Demons

    by pleiade3 10-27-2006
    Lost: Vid about the demons that haunt Danielle Rousseau
  • All That I'm Living For

    by pleiade3 10-19-2006
    Lost: A Danielle Rousseau Video about her mistakes and missing Alexandra.
    All That I'm Living For
1-5 of 5 Videos 1