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  • Kate&&Jack

    by peanutbutter4eva 05-27-2007
    Lost: this video is about kate and jack and shows the ups and downs of there relashonship. They were together but kate is messed up and her past gets in the way of her life. also she sleeps with sawyer at the end, jus watch it and try to understand!
  • everybody dance now!

    by peanutbutter4eva 09-21-2006
    Lost: well its just a really sort random video using the uk promo! nothing speical really lol.
    everybody dance now!
  • Shape

    by peanutbutter4eva 09-07-2006
    Lost: This video is a bit random. the song inspired me because it talks about gamberlers and it just progressed from there! it does make sense in a random werid complicated way !
  • Tainted love

    by peanutbutter4eva 08-30-2006
    Lost: My 1st Skate video! shows the love hate relashionship they have!
    Tainted love
  • push the button

    by peanutbutter4eva 08-18-2006
    Lost: It's a random video about the hatch and desmond.
    push the button
  • smile

    by peanutbutter4eva 07-31-2006
    Lost: This is my 1st shot at an AU video. Its a Blaire video. Basically Booone cheats on Claire wid Shannon and then Claire gets wid charlie but then Boone wants Claire back. Just watch it and hopefully u will understand it lol
  • Lost on a island!

    by peanutbutter4eva 07-16-2006
    Lost: Domanic and Jimmy Kimmels Version of the lost theme tune with a bit of editing!
    Lost on a island!
  • Material Girl!

    by peanutbutter4eva 07-07-2006
    Lost: Video about Shannon and how she is well... a Material girl. Boone and sayid pop up in the vid but it is mostly about shannon
    Material Girl!
  • Circle Of Life

    by peanutbutter4eva 07-06-2006
    Lost: June 2006 contest submission
    Circle Of Life
  • Whats left of me

    by peanutbutter4eva 06-27-2006
    Lost: Jack wants to be with Kate but he needs to get over his past.
    Whats left of me
  • Unfaithful

    by peanutbutter4eva 06-23-2006
    Lost: AU sort of. Kate is cheating on Jack with Sawyer and is sorry and dosnt want to hurt Jack anymore.
  • way you move

    by peanutbutter4eva 06-05-2006
    Lost: its just a fun vid but it was a bit rushed but i still think its great lol.
    way you move
  • Lost get it started!

    by peanutbutter4eva 05-30-2006
    Lost: Shows loads of thing that have happened on lost!
    Lost get it started!
  • Lost lovers

    by peanutbutter4eva 05-28-2006
    Lost: I used the love medly out of Moulin Rouge and i tried to make it look like they are singing!
    Lost lovers
  • Miss Inderpendant

    by peanutbutter4eva 05-26-2006
    Lost: shows all the couples of lost i.e skate sin chair shoone
    Miss Inderpendant
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