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Username: nightskiesfading
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Other Fandoms: The Office
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Bio: Nothing much to say really, I've been watching Lost since S1, but really got into the fandom with S2, my favorite characters are Locke and Jack, and I ship Jack/Kate and Locke/Claire (He's not too old!)

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  • Volcano

    by nightskiesfading 06-28-2007
    Lost: A look at the Sawyer/Kate relationship: And what I am to you, is not what you need
  • Me And The Moon

    by nightskiesfading 06-15-2007
    Lost: A vid all about Kate. I think the song says it best: No one's so sure if her crime had a reason, the reasons like seasons, they constantly change.
    Me And The Moon
  • Hurt

    by nightskiesfading 06-04-2007
    Lost: A Sawyer video focusing on the dark of his character and his reflection on how he constantly isolates himself while both intentionally and unintentionally causes others harm, and his wish to go back and start over.
1-3 of 3 Videos 1