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Alternate Name: jr-moon
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Website: http://www.testify.uncoveredveils.de
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Bio: i started making videos and artwork and stuff in 2001 I think with Starfate atlantis. And now I cant stop. There are just too many great shows out there but rarely ones with so much RST. I ship Jack and Kate but wouldnt mind some Kate/Sawyer or Jack/Sawyer loving. :-

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  • Ready For Love

    by jr_moon 09-14-2006
    Lost: Kate is done running. But is Jack? S2 spoiler
    Ready For Love
  • Im not

    by jr_moon 06-06-2006
    Lost: Instrumental Jate video ending at Jack admitting he was not sorry...
    Im not
  • My Skin

    by jr_moon 06-06-2006
    Lost: Kate centered and a look on her struggle and self-dependence.
    My Skin
1-3 of 3 Videos 1