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emmasholi (Emma)

Username: emmasholi
Alternate Name: Emma
Vidder Rank: Council Member
Other Fandoms: Afterwards, Glee, The Event, Twilight
Website: http://twitter.com/emmasholicar
Email: emmasholi@gmail.comLVI
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Things I Love: Buttons, Baking, Crafts, Graphic Design, Giraffes, Crocs shoes, Pajamas.
TV Loves: Being Human (UK), Glee, House, Lost, Lie To Me, Nurse Jackie, The Event, The Street, Trauma, Twilight.

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  • The One

    by emmasholi 08-27-2014
    Multifandom: July 2014 contest 1st place winner! A fluffy multi-couples vid, from Disney films based on fairytales.
    The One
  • Margaret Beaufort: A Mother's Journey

    by emmasholi 02-26-2014
    The White Queen: A Margaret Beaufort character study. Margaret became a mother at just thirteen years of age. This is a look at her relationship with her only son, Henry Tudor, and her deeply held belief that one day, he would become king.
    Margaret Beaufort: A Mother's Journey
  • Roar

    by emmasholi 12-29-2013
    Avengers: Made as a Secret Santa (2013) present for Aislynn.
  • The Village

    by emmasholi 05-12-2013
    The Village: A Bert Middleton character study highlighting his relationships with his teachers and the issues surrounding his family.
    The Village
  • Today Was A Fairytale

    by emmasholi 01-12-2013
    Once Upon A Time: Made as a Secret Santa (2012) present for Eryn.
    Today Was A Fairytale
  • A Fairytale Thriller

    by emmasholi 10-31-2012
    Multifandom: October 2012 contest 1st place winner! Wraiths, monsters, ogres, trolls, dragons, werewolves, and dark magic, Fairytale Land is a scary place!
    A Fairytale Thriller
  • This Moment, Now

    by emmasholi 08-18-2012
    True Love: A video about Holly and Karen's relationship.
    This Moment, Now
  • Counting The Birds

    by emmasholi 05-18-2012
    Once Upon A Time: A Snow White/Mary Margaret Blanchard character study.
    Counting The Birds
  • All This And Heaven Too

    by emmasholi 01-03-2012
    Jane Austen: Made as a Secret Santa (2011) present for Julia.
    All This And Heaven Too
  • Trauma

    by emmasholi 12-07-2011
    Trauma: It's not the calls that are out of the pale, it's the people who take them.
  • Someone Like You

    by emmasholi 11-04-2011
    Lost: Upon returning to the island, Kate is upset to find that Sawyer has moved on.
    Someone Like You
  • Just Friends

    by emmasholi 10-08-2011
    The Switch: Kassie and Wally are best friends, but Wally wants to be more than that.
    Just Friends
  • Goodbyes & Broken Hearts

    by emmasholi 08-26-2011
    Multifandom: August 2011 contest 3rd place winner!
    Goodbyes & Broken Hearts
  • Just Can't Get Enough

    by emmasholi 08-26-2011
    Twilight: Made as a Secret Santa (2010) present for Aislynn.
    Just Can't Get Enough
  • Alright

    by emmasholi 08-26-2011
    The Event: After Leila goes missing, Sean thinks about all the good times they've had together and hopes that everything will be alright in the end.
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