drax (draxenato)

Username: drax
Alternate Name: draxenato
Vidder Rank: Novice Vidder
Other Fandoms: heroes battlestar dr who bionic woman
Website: blaides.blogspot.com
Email: jackjudge@hotmail.comLVI
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Bio: Started vidding in May 2007. I've been a genre fan all my life and it's nice to feel I'm able to give something back to the SF and music communities that've given me so much enjoyment. I'm still learning at this and I'm having a lot of fun, hopefully neither of those two things will change.

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  • Never Let me Down

    by drax 06-13-2007
    Lost: From the episode The Man Behind the Curtain, picking up on themes I saw, especially how both Locke and Bugs Benny had been constantly let down through their lives
    Never Let me Down
  • Papa Was Right Here

    by drax 06-13-2007
    Lost: Based on the episode "The Brig" focussing on Locke, Sawyer and Coop
    Papa Was Right Here
1-2 of 2 Videos 1