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Username: donna
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Bio: I've been away from this site for a long time but looking forward to becoming involved again. Im enjoying learning the art of fanvidding.

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  • Lego House

    by donna 09-22-2012
    Being Human: this is just a little vid for the uk version of Being Human. Mitchell, Annie and George. I just thought the song suited and i had nothing better to do.
    Lego House
  • Head Will Roll

    by donna 09-01-2012
    Teen Wolf: Teen Wolf vid. Very random but i just wanted to vid something with this show because i love it so much and the horror aspect of the show is really well done.
    Head Will Roll
  • Lost || Holocene

    by donna 07-31-2012
    Lost: Ensemble vid.
    Lost || Holocene
  • Damon & Elena - If You Run

    by donna 07-20-2012
    The Vampire Diaries: I love this ship so. Not holding my breath for them to ever happen though. The meaning behind the vid is that after Elena transforms she'll remember the times Damon compelled her which might change her decision/attitude toward him. if that makes any sens
    Damon & Elena - If You Run
  • Snow and Charming Once Upon A Time

    by donna 06-02-2012
    Once Upon A Time: Snow and Charming vid. Spoilers for season 1 finale. I haven't submitted anything here for ages so heres hoping i did it right,
    Snow and Charming  Once Upon A Time
  • Reign Of Love || ensemble

    by donna 09-08-2010
    Lost: little tribute video
    Reign Of Love || ensemble
  • All I Need - Suliet

    by donna 08-21-2010
    Lost: Because I just love this ship. Still.
    All I Need - Suliet
  • Fall On My Knees || Juliet

    by donna 07-12-2010
    Lost: Tribute to Juliet Burke but lots of Suliet in the second half. I heard this song on a Fringe/Olivia vid and thought it suited Juliet so much.
    Fall On My Knees || Juliet
  • Lost - Sweet Disposition

    by donna 06-26-2010
    Lost: Tribute to the Lost love connections.
    Lost - Sweet Disposition
  • Sawyer & Juliet - Here With Me

    by donna 06-02-2010
    Lost: Little Suliet reunion vid.
    Sawyer & Juliet - Here With Me
  • Sawyer & Juliet ~ What If

    by donna 04-03-2010
    Lost: Suliet vid leading up to a reunion and a second chance in the sideways world. Cause they broked my heart.
    Sawyer & Juliet ~ What If
  • Suliet - A Drop In The Ocean

    by donna 02-12-2010
    Lost: Sawyer's reaction to Juliet's death. Spoilers for 6x03
    Suliet - A Drop In The Ocean
  • All This Time || Suliet

    by donna 12-05-2009
    Lost: A tribute to my ship and how they're meant to be together.
    All This Time || Suliet
  • '74-'75 Suliet vid

    by donna 11-12-2009
    Lost: A friend requested I use this song and I thought it was right for time trippin Suliet.
    '74-'75 Suliet vid
  • Suliet - Sail Away

    by donna 10-09-2009
    Lost: The Incident was a bad dream or AU and James and Juliet sail away together on the sub.
    Suliet - Sail Away
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