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domaholic17 (Lani)

Username: domaholic17
Alternate Name: Lani
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Website: www.myspace.com/loveinthekeyofc
Email: Lani_Kay@hotmail.comLVI
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Bio: Hey, i'm Lani and I loved making videos. Unfortunatly, my vidding days were cut short. Long story short, my computer was cleaned out and I lost all my videos and clips. Now i'm not allowed to download stupid anything because it makes my stupid computer slower. Stupid. Well, enjoy the videos i've made. Oh, and I WILL be back. *evil laugh* Watch out.

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  • The River

    by domaholic17 06-22-2007
    Lost: Charlie Pace has made mistakes his whole life. When he starts seeing positive visions of the future, he struggles to make them happen until they turn into nightmares. Unfortunately, the nightmares come true.
    The River
  • Crazy

    by domaholic17 03-11-2007
    Lost: February 2007 contest submission. Charlie doesn't come through with a jealous attempt to end Sawyer's life. Sawyer kills Charlie so that he won't ever disturb him and Kate again. Kate misses Charlie and goes crazy, then does something she regrets.
  • Mad World

    by domaholic17 01-22-2007
    Lost: The survivors are turning the island into a mad world.
    Mad World
  • Alright Tonight

    by domaholic17 01-14-2007
    Lost: Jack and Kate are married, but Kate has an affair with Sawyer. Jack finds out and seeks revenge. WARNING: May not be appropriate for young viewers
    Alright Tonight
  • Bring me to Life

    by domaholic17 12-09-2006
    Lost: Kate was like glass. She was fragile to begin with and now she's broken. Can Sawyer fix her? SKATE
    Bring me to Life
  • Sexy Back

    by domaholic17 11-14-2006
    Lost: Sawyer & Kate are bringin' sexy back...and the other survivors can't wait!
    Sexy Back
  • Forgotten

    by domaholic17 11-07-2006
    Lost: October 2006 contest submission
  • Maneater

    by domaholic17 09-26-2006
    Lost: Kate's a maneater! -In the words of Locke- AND WE ALL KNOW IT! -- I hope you like this video! I had a fun time making it.
  • Everytime

    by domaholic17 09-13-2006
    Lost: A SKATE video that I had an idea for a long time ago....I finally made it. Was it worth it?
  • How to Save a Life

    by domaholic17 08-29-2006
    Lost: Kate doesn't know what she has 'till it's gone. Tradgic ending. SKATE
    How to Save a Life
  • Lady In the Water/LOST Trailer 1

    by domaholic17 08-13-2006
    Lost: Okay I shall try and explain this Others - Narfs.... Kate is a Narf, More specificly, Story.... Scrunt - The Polar Bear and The Monster.... ~I might make a second trailer to Lady In the Water
    Lady In the Water/LOST Trailer 1
  • Breathe

    by domaholic17 07-15-2006
    Lost: Kate calls up Claire to tell her about her problems about Jack and Sawyer. SKATE/JATE
  • The Sounds of Silence

    by domaholic17 06-27-2006
    Lost: Ensemble video with The Others as THE PEOPLE
    The Sounds of Silence
  • Tourniquet

    by domaholic17 04-25-2006
    Lost: Sawyers letter is his tourniquet....slight Skate
  • Skate Movie Trailer

    by domaholic17 03-31-2006
    Lost: Skate movie trailer....Ugly
    Skate Movie Trailer
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