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charmed_charlee (Charlee)

Username: Charmed_Charlee
Alternate Name: Charlee
Vidder Rank: Expert Vidder
Other Fandoms: Supernatural, Bloodties, Gossip Girl, Doctor Who
Email: therealmissmurder@hotmail.co.ukLVI
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Bio: Hmmm, Well I'm Charlee and I'm an average 17 year old living in the UK , I first started watching lost at the beginning when it started in the UK on Channel 4 and was hooked to begin with. I then at the end of Season 1 became obsessed with the show and have stayed that way ever since tehe. I love going out with my friends, shopping, listening to music, my laptop, msn (L), reading. I love Skate best couple on the show tehe. I use Sony Vegas been using it for just over a year now but still learning how to use it tehe. Anyways hope you like my videos x

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