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Bio: Hi Im 22 years old and totally obsessed with Lost I love Matt Fox and Im a HUGE Jack/Kate shipper :D I also draw a lot and have done some sketches of the Lost cast which I uploaded to photobucket I also write a lot of fan fiction for various films/shows but haevnt done any for Lost just yet. I have a load of animals including 2 cats and my own horse I work at a riding school and have 3 horses that I am schooling/have on loan as well as my own horse and look after over 30 animals on the riding school

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  • Its Hard

    by alienangie 01-09-2008
    Lost: After a night of passion with Jack, Kate panics and runs into the arms (and bed) of Sawyer. Distraught, Jack leaves, on a downward spiral of drink and drugs he contemplates suicide
    Its Hard
  • If I can't have your love

    by alienangie 12-22-2006
    Lost: A Jate video, with some mild angst
    If I can't have your love
  • Leaving

    by alienangie 03-09-2006
    Lost: Something comes up and Jack has to leave Sarah to fly to Australia. Despite turning to his dad for help their parting doesnt go quite as planned and we all know what happens to flight 815...
  • Social Disease

    by alienangie 02-03-2006
    Lost: Sawyer has fallen for Kate - big time
    Social Disease
  • Bed of Roses

    by alienangie 01-27-2006
    Lost: Jack is crazy for Kate...head over heels in love with Kate...but how can he tell her?
    Bed of Roses
  • Thank You For Lovng Me

    by alienangie 01-04-2006
    Lost: Jack and Kate finally realise that there is more to them than just friendship
    Thank You For Lovng Me
  • Tears of the Dragon

    by alienangie 12-18-2005
    Lost: Jack loves Kate...Kate loves Jack. Now if only they could both see that.
    Tears of the Dragon
1-7 of 7 Videos 1