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Violet_Deville (Chrissy)

Username: Violet_Deville
Alternate Name: Chrissy
Vidder Rank: Advanced Vidder
Email: smartyspice2000@hotmail.comLVI
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Bio: I am Lost's biggest fan :)

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Violet_Deville's Videos

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  • Scream - Lost Style

    by Violet_Deville 10-26-2009
    Lost: October 2009 contest submission. A serial killer is after the Oceanic 6.
    Scream - Lost Style
  • Ben

    by Violet_Deville 08-19-2009
    Lost: August 2009 contest submission. Annie's feelings about young Ben.
  • Juliet Is Coming Back Home

    by Violet_Deville 07-16-2009
    Lost: July 2009 contest submission. After the bomb, Juliet is sent back to her sister and son but after Rachel has a new man in her life, Juliet misses Sawyer and goes to find him.
    Juliet Is Coming Back Home
  • Blackbird

    by Violet_Deville 06-21-2009
    Lost: June 2009 contest submission - finding love on the island
  • The Virgin Suicides

    by Violet_Deville 05-20-2009
    Lost: May 2009 contest submission The Virgin Suicides by Jeffrey Eugenides. It is a story of some neighborhood boys who watch the lives of the Lisbon girls fall apart. Alex, Shannon, Nikki, Ana Lucia and Libby play the five sisters, Carmen and Mr. Eko play the
    The Virgin Suicides
  • For Kate - 1977

    by Violet_Deville 04-09-2009
    Lost: This video is for Kate, to remember all the times she had with Aaron. April 2009 contest submission.
    For Kate - 1977
  • Lost Heaven

    by Violet_Deville 03-17-2009
    Lost: March 2009 contest submission - have you ever thought of the Lost characters as one big happy family? Set to 7th Heaven
    Lost Heaven
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