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ToxicTrashAlarm (Chelsea)

Username: ToxicTrashAlarm
Alternate Name: Chelsea
Vidder Rank: Advanced Vidder
Other Fandoms: Heroes, Friends, Skins

Bio: Hey! I'm Chelsea, 15, and living in England! Started vidding in December and joined LVI in February, I really enjoy it and have made a load of nice people at LVI. My favourite characters are Claire, Charlie, Sawyer, Desmond and Juliet. Ok, now favourite ships, Jacket, PB+J and Skate and in AU Conmama, Daire, Kuliet and Kaire. I did vid with WMM for a nearly a year but now I have Sony Vegas! Yay! Ok, anyway, leave me a comment if you like or watch my videos (: Thanks! Chelsea xox

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  • Charlie/Claire - My Angel

    by ToxicTrashAlarm 02-08-2009
    Lost: Vid pic by Emma, and yay for my new intro! A short video about Charlie and Claire's relationship, focusing on how Claire didn't want to part with Charlie. Ignore the text saying 'Gabriel' at the start, I changed my mind about the name at the last minute.
    Charlie/Claire - My Angel
  • Sawyer/Kate - 7 Things

    by ToxicTrashAlarm 12-25-2008
    Lost: The 7 things that Kate hates/likes about Sawyer and their relationship. Vid pic by Kat.
    Sawyer/Kate - 7 Things
  • Ensemble - Disturbia

    by ToxicTrashAlarm 09-18-2008
    Lost: This is my second Sony Vegas video but my first for Lost. I'm really proud of this one even though the end is a little blah and I cut some of the song away. Any constructive criticism is welcomed. Beautiful vid pic by Kat!
    Ensemble - Disturbia
  • Sawyer/Kate - Hurt

    by ToxicTrashAlarm 07-28-2008
    Lost: Sawyer jumped out of the rescue helicopter so Kate could get off the island, Kate (now back at home) is missing Sawyer terribly and remembers all of their moments. Is he still alive? Slightly AU. Vid pic by Kat.
    Sawyer/Kate - Hurt
  • Juliet & Jack - Song To Say Goodbye

    by ToxicTrashAlarm 06-11-2008
    Lost: Please read summary on Youtube, otherwise you may not understand.
    Juliet & Jack - Song To Say Goodbye
  • Charlie Pace - Pop Princess

    by ToxicTrashAlarm 05-23-2008
    Lost: May 2008 Contest Submission
    Charlie Pace - Pop Princess
  • Sawyer & Claire - Consequences

    by ToxicTrashAlarm 04-18-2008
    Lost: My first trailer! Some of the audio is very quiet, and one bit of audio is of Sawyer singing. It makes it a little less serious but I think I needed it, so you'd know what was going on. Music by Feeder and Snow Patrol.
    Sawyer & Claire - Consequences
  • Breakdown

    by ToxicTrashAlarm 04-09-2008
    Lost: Just the John Locke story. Youtube cut it off at the end but you guys can guess what it says.
  • ShannonDesmondClaire - Sober

    by ToxicTrashAlarm 03-16-2008
    Lost: Shannon is with Desmond but they break up. He is really upset until he meets Claire...
    ShannonDesmondClaire - Sober
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