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The Phantom

Username: The Phantom
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Bio: I am 16 and have blue eyes. I love Charlie and Claire/ vidding/ reading/ writing/ BtVS/ AtS

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  • Everywhere

    by The Phantom 01-03-2007
    Lost: An angsty A/U vid. Claire fell in love with Charlie and after his death she has trouble letting go.
  • Walking Behind

    by The Phantom 10-31-2006
    Lost: Charlie and Claire both feel the same about each other but are afraid to show it.
    Walking Behind
  • Spiderwebs

    by The Phantom 09-15-2006
    Lost: Claire feels like she's trapped by Charlie. Angsty!
  • Brotherly Love

    by The Phantom 08-22-2006
    Lost: A AU Trailer for LOST in which both Liam and Charlie fall for Claire.
    Brotherly Love
  • Extraordinary Machine

    by The Phantom 08-15-2006
    Lost: Claire can take care of herself. /I've had this idea for a while now and felt it was high time to do it./
    Extraordinary Machine
  • Top of the World

    by The Phantom 08-11-2006
    Lost: Now that they have each other, Charlie and Claire are on top of the world.
    Top of the World
  • RENT

    by The Phantom 07-06-2006
    Lost: The Others demand a sacrifice in order for the Losties to live on the island. This pisses the Losties off. They/re not gonna pay! Will they get away with it?
  • Vindicated

    by The Phantom 07-05-2006
    Lost: Claire is Charlie/s hope for redemption.
  • My Life

    by The Phantom 06-14-2006
    Lost: An extremely emo Charlie vid because we all need a little self indulgence sometimes. :p
    My Life
  • Viva Forever

    by The Phantom 05-27-2006
    Lost: Was it just a dream?
    Viva Forever
  • Into The Darkness

    by The Phantom 05-26-2006
    Lost: A vid based on Charlies struggle during Fire and Water.
    Into The Darkness
  • The LOST Ones

    by The Phantom 05-26-2006
    Lost: A artsy vid using clips from the season 2 UK promo.
    The LOST Ones
  • Lonely Day

    by The Phantom 05-26-2006
    Lost: Charlie is alone in his actions.
    Lonely Day
  • Memories

    by The Phantom 05-26-2006
    Lost: Even when they are apart Charlie and Claires memories of each other keep them going.
1-14 of 14 Videos 1