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  • Lost Horror Trailer

    by Stealth 11-15-2005
    Lost: The Lost Horror Trailer aka The One Where I Missed The Deadline. Originally intended as a submission for the october contest. Wups. Enjoy.
    Lost Horror Trailer
  • Pressure

    by Stealth 10-17-2005
    Lost: This video is an ensemble video baisically about them dealing with the pressures of the island itself. Watch it in widescreen. Enjoy.
  • Tidal Waves

    by Stealth 09-30-2005
    Lost: This Vid is about Jacks relationship with KAte. Watch it in widescreen. Enjoy.
    Tidal Waves
  • Pre-Flight

    by Stealth 09-26-2005
    Lost: This is my first lost vid. Its all about the castaways before the accident. As such. all the footage is pre crash. pre island. Watch it in widescreen! Enjoy.
1-4 of 4 Videos 1