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  • The ghost of you

    by Slay 03-25-2010
    Lost: I made this video last August,then my computer blew up! This is an old, not completed copy d'oh...It's about what I thought could be the life of our losties after the Jughead...their plane doesn't crash,they live their lives meeting each other anyway,but
    The ghost of you
  • You Found Me

    by Slay 04-23-2009
    Lost: Why'd you have to wait... to find me?
    You Found Me
  • Twenty Years

    by Slay 06-27-2008
    Lost: June 2008 contest 3rd place winner! The oceanic six try to start a new life after they have left the island, but they have to go back... and it's just a matter of constant. Enjoy =)
    Twenty Years
  • By my side

    by Slay 04-20-2008
    Lost: A skate-season4 vid. =) I hope you'll like it
    By my side
  • Memories

    by Slay 02-29-2008
    Lost: A skate version of memories music video. Kate and Sawyer are imprisoned by the others and they're still together. Then Danny, aware that one of the survivors is responsible for his wife's murder, drags Sawyer away from Kate in order to make them suffer. K
1-5 of 5 Videos 1