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Bio: I used to make videos. I like to make videos. I hope I can make more soon. College life is busy. I am a busy bee. I miss Lost :( This is perhaps my favorite paragraph I've ever written.

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  • It Only Hurts When I'm Breathing

    by Skater_815 06-23-2008
    Lost: After Sawyer and Kate are seperated, they reflect back on their time on the island. Kate can't take it and goes to find Sawyer, only to wake up and realize it was a dream and she can't find him because.. (I know there are some rough parts, but I wanted th
    It Only Hurts When I'm Breathing
  • TNT

    by Skater_815 01-21-2008
    Lost: Arzt is TNT!
  • Love Stinks

    by Skater_815 01-05-2008
    Lost: Lost. Love. Stinks.
    Love Stinks
  • The Light Side

    by Skater_815 12-26-2007
    Lost: A humorous video; one I first did druing the season 3 hiatus (in WMM) and decided to redo it now.
    The Light Side
  • I Said Never Again

    by Skater_815 11-27-2007
    Lost: They're not meant to be together, they cheat, they keep saying no, yet Skate seems Fate.
    I Said Never Again
  • We're Not Gonna Take It

    by Skater_815 11-22-2007
    Lost: Our Losties are getting tired of those silly 'ol Others.
    We're Not Gonna Take It
  • You May Be Right

    by Skater_815 09-30-2007
    Lost: Kate may be right, Sawyer may be crazy. Maybe it's just a lunatic she's looking for.
    You May Be Right
  • Let Me Take You There

    by Skater_815 09-24-2007
    Lost: Kate and Sawyer were two different people living two different lives. Until one day, conincidence (?) brings them together and they find out they aren't so different. In order to really be with each other however, they need to learn to let go of their pas
    Let Me Take You There
  • LOST In Love

    by Skater_815 08-23-2007
    Lost: How quickly our losties fall in love...
    LOST In Love
  • Whisper

    by Skater_815 08-22-2007
    Lost: Sawyer/Kate/Jack (partly AU)
  • Who's That Girl

    by Skater_815 08-09-2007
    Lost: Kate against Jacket
    Who's That Girl
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