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Bio: Hi. Im Candice... known to Jaters as Sitily. Im from Salt Lake City Utah. I just started viding this year after seeing an amazing Amalie video by DreamCatcher and other amazing Videos by Lostzilla. I knew that I wanted in on the fun so I started and now here I am. I am a diehard Jater and I love Lost. Many of you might know me for my videos... fanfics... and lost charcter cartoons that Ive posted on the Lost Forum. Anyways thanks for reading this and I hope you enjoy the videos! Sitily

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  • Why Our Lost Boys Suck

    by Sitily 09-07-2005
    Lost: A Fun video that describes why the Lost boys would all make horrible boyfriends.
    Why Our Lost Boys Suck
  • Deliver Me

    by Sitily 09-06-2005
    Lost: I LOVE this Jate video!!! It makes me all choked up when I watch it. Its from Kates perspective on how Jack rescues her.
    Deliver Me
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