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NepEnut (Abby)

Username: NepEnut
Alternate Name: Abby
Vidder Rank: Expert Vidder
Other Fandoms: Harry Potter, random movies I like, etc.
Website: www.myspace.com/nepenut
Email: nepenut@yahoo.comLVI
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Bio: Yo, yo! My name is Abby - I'm a 27-year old aspiring screenwriter living & working in Sacramento, California. Slave to commercial real estate by day, awesome Lost vidder by night! I need a cape!! Am totally and completely obsessed with Lost. Ben is my most beloved and favorite character, followed closely by Desmond, Juliet, Sawyer and Hurley. I've never been a big shippy person, but Des/Penny makes me all warm and happy inside. So does Ben/Juliet or Bennet!

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  • What I've Been Through

    by NepEnut 10-01-2009
    Lost: September 2009 contest submission - Ben character study from Man Behind the Curtain. Enjoy!!
    What I've Been Through
  • Magic

    by NepEnut 04-23-2009
    Lost: Alex was Ben's world...
  • Carnivale Games - Season 5 Credits

    by NepEnut 03-15-2009
    Lost: March 2009 contest submission. Season 5 Credits to the theme from Carnivale! Enjoy!
    Carnivale Games - Season 5 Credits
  • Everyday

    by NepEnut 02-27-2009
    Lost: February 2009 contest submission - tribute to Jin/Sun, Des/Pen & Bernard/Rose. Enjoy!!
  • The Movie of My Life

    by NepEnut 11-28-2008
    Lost: Bennet AU - Ben is in love with Juliet. Juliet is in love with...um...someone else!
    The Movie of My Life
  • Fade to Black

    by NepEnut 09-21-2008
    Lost: September 2008 contest 3rd place winner! Ben is haunted by the ghosts of his childhood, the decisions he's made and the people he's lost along the way.
    Fade to Black
  • Tomorrow, I'll Miss You

    by NepEnut 09-13-2008
    Lost: Just a cutesy Des/Pen vid. Enjoy!
    Tomorrow, I'll Miss You
  • Joining the Cult

    by NepEnut 08-30-2008
    Lost: Jack tries to convince Sawyer to join a cult with him....it isn't as easy as he thinks!! Enjoy!
    Joining the Cult
  • The World Ahead

    by NepEnut 08-13-2008
    Lost: The Oceanic Six have to go back. One person can lead them there. Sort of Season 5-ish trailer for Lost. Hope you enjoy!
    The World Ahead
  • Unwell (Flagpole Sitta)

    by NepEnut 08-10-2008
    Lost: Ben isn't doing too well. Trey gets credit for the idea - thanks Trey!! :)
    Unwell (Flagpole Sitta)
  • Becoming Henry Gale

    by NepEnut 07-15-2008
    Lost: July 2008 contest submission. Ben prepares for the day he becomes Henry Gale. The planning, putting into action and the fallout from the Losties.
    Becoming Henry Gale
  • A Long December

    by NepEnut 07-03-2008
    Lost: It's been a long December for Desmond...
    A Long December
  • Epiphany

    by NepEnut 07-02-2008
    Lost: It's Sweeney Ben now. And he will have his revenge....
  • In Pieces

    by NepEnut 06-08-2008
    Lost: Juliet will be the one to leave this all in pieces and leave Ben alone with all his secrets and regrets.
    In Pieces
  • Ben Linus is DANGERESQUE!

    by NepEnut 04-14-2008
    Lost: April 2008 contest submission
    Ben Linus is DANGERESQUE!
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