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Mr. Ribbits

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Bio: Yeah Im a girl even though my username says Mr. Ribbits. Heh.

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  • Charlie & Claire- Shine On

    by Mr. Ribbits 08-25-2008
    Lost: The first time I heard this song I thought of them. So it's pretty much Charlie's death. I suppose it's slightly AU in that I am implying that certain clips of Claire take place after his death when they did not.
    Charlie & Claire- Shine On
  • Boone & Claire AU- Bring it on Back

    by Mr. Ribbits 07-05-2008
    Lost: AU video shipping Boone and Claire. See YouTube for storyline that won't fit here.
    Boone & Claire AU- Bring it on Back
  • Sylar & Kate-Roadside

    by Mr. Ribbits 03-22-2008
    Lost: My first attempt at an AU video. So, some sort of storyline thingy- Sylar and Kate were together and going to get married, but it didn't work out because, really, if you know the characters you know that it wouldn't. Flashbacks are greyscaleish if you cou
    Sylar & Kate-Roadside
  • There's Been an Accident

    by Mr. Ribbits 08-14-2006
    Lost: About Boone's life and death.
    There's Been an Accident
  • Untitled

    by Mr. Ribbits 07-10-2006
    Lost: Ensemble video about the crash. Focuses on Jack more than anyone else because the Pilot focused mostly on Jack.
1-5 of 5 Videos 1