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Michelle (Michelle_FDK)

Username: Michelle
Alternate Name: Michelle_FDK
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Bio: Hi Everybody, Well I'm an ordinary girl tryin' to make pretty videos, sometimes I get, I guess, and sometimes don't!! But I'll keep tryin' to do a good job, even if I made a mistake over and over again, 'cuz make videos is the best thing that I can do and LOST is the best tv show that I ever saw. So for another video makers on this site, keep doing a good work. Congratulations for all of you guys... you deserve, WE DESERVE!!!

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  • Promo Lost S4

    by Michelle 07-30-2007
    Lost: It's a promo, like a trailer of S4 from LOST!! It's like a game of words, all of them connected, well... see it and enjoy!!
    Promo Lost S4
  • Jate (Lithium)

    by Michelle 04-09-2007
    Lost: This another Jate video, but it's more about Kate without Jack, how she feels without him and everything that they'll confront for to be together. ENJOY!
    Jate (Lithium)
  • All These Things That I've Done

    by Michelle 12-16-2006
    Lost: That video I made for remember everybody how JATE is beautiful, such amazing, and for everyone that really like them, don't give up, just hold on. THE GOOD THINGS TAKE A LONG TIME FOR HAPPEN!!
    All These Things That I've Done
  • Trailer Season 2 Finale

    by Michelle 06-05-2006
    Lost: Hey guys. That video is a promo to season 2 finale that I made. I hope that everybody like!! So enjoy!!!
    Trailer Season 2 Finale

    by Michelle 06-05-2006
    Lost: another jack/kate vid...everything that they have been through till now!!
  • Jate Trailer

    by Michelle 06-02-2006
    Lost: Jack/Kate trailer...w/ Star Wars love theme to our own Han and Leia.
    Jate Trailer
  • Everything

    by Michelle 05-30-2006
    Lost: a very deep Jack/Kate video...showing the ups and downs of their relationship and that theyll will always be there for each other
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