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Bio: I am probably the biggest 12 year old LOST fan ever. I live in Australia though, and that sucks cos we're way behind America in episodes. We're not even up to Episode 20!

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  • Closing Time

    by marcus 04-07-2007
    Lost: Desmond went back in time only to end up making the exact same mistakes all over again.
    Closing Time
  • Season Two Recap

    by Marcus 09-14-2006
    Lost: August 2006 contest submission.
    Season Two Recap
  • The LOST Bunch

    by Marcus 09-11-2006
    Lost: Made for the CE Theme Song Contest. The Brady Bunch credits with Lost characters!
    The LOST Bunch
  • It's Too Late

    by Marcus 08-11-2006
    Lost: July 2006 contest submission.
    It's Too Late
  • The Circle Of Life

    by Marcus 07-06-2006
    Lost: June 2006 contest submission.
    The Circle Of Life
  • Time

    by Marcus 06-11-2006
    Lost: Locke put all his faith into the hatch and the button...but was it all just a waste of time?
  • Middle Of Nowhere

    by Marcus 06-10-2006
    Lost: Desmond has been stuck in the middle of nowhere for three years.
    Middle Of Nowhere
  • Dave Oddity

    by Marcus 05-12-2006
    Lost: For Hobbes Contest 1: Space Oddity. Hurley aka. Major Tom is trying to get over his food obsession but Dave haunts his world.
    Dave Oddity
  • You're The Voice

    by Marcus 04-16-2006
    Lost: Its time to stop living in fear and fight back at the island.
    You're The Voice
  • Give Me The Beat Boys

    by Marcus 03-10-2006
    Lost: How do a a drug addict a con artist and a big guy get through life on a desert island? Through music.
    Give Me The Beat Boys
  • Fix You

    by Marcus 02-18-2006
    Lost: Jack promised to fix Sarah. But in the end he was the one who needed to be fixed.
    Fix You
  • Curses III Trailer - Hurley/Danielle

    by Marcus 02-05-2006
    Lost: A trailer for the final instalment in the Curses trilogy starring Jorge Garcia and Mira Furlan.
    Curses III Trailer - Hurley/Danielle
  • Kung Fu Fighting

    by Marcus 01-29-2006
    Lost: All the castaways are Kung Fu Fighting!
    Kung Fu Fighting
  • Curses II Trailer - Hurley/Danielle

    by Marcus 12-19-2005
    Lost: December 2005 contest submission
    Curses II Trailer - Hurley/Danielle
  • Hung Up

    by Marcus 12-05-2005
    Lost: Ever since the sudden appearance of the button many of the survivors have had their lives changed and hung up forever.
    Hung Up
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