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  • LOVE

    by LostSurvivor 11-04-2006
    Lost: Jack finally tells Kate how he feels about her
  • I'd Do Anything

    by LostSurvivor 09-15-2006
    Lost: Jack tries to tell Kate how he feels about her.
    I'd Do Anything
  • Only Hope

    by LostSurvivor 08-18-2006
    Lost: Kate wants Jack to feel the same way as she feels about him.
    Only Hope
  • Summer Nights

    by LostSurvivor 08-15-2006
    Lost: Kate and Jack especially enjoy their summer nights together.
    Summer Nights
  • Mr. Smiley

    by LostSurvivor 08-09-2006
    Lost: Ever since people found out about Kate and her criminal record, people on the island haven't been getting a visit from Mr. Smiley,
    Mr. Smiley
  • Kokomo

    by LostSurvivor 08-01-2006
    Lost: Jack and Kate are LOST at Kokomo just to relax.
  • Shakin

    by LostSurvivor 02-20-2006
    Lost: This is about Desmond and how living in the Hatch has changed his life.
1-7 of 7 Videos 1