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LifeisJatey (Nina)

Username: LifeisJatey
Alternate Name: Nina
Vidder Rank: Advanced Vidder
Other Fandoms: I'm just starting out but i would love to make vids for The Office or Grey's Anatomy
Website: http://human-elipsis.livejournal.com/
Email: thisloveisfound@nyc.rr.comLVI
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Bio: Hi everyone! My names Nina and I'm from NYC. I'm a lost addict and a Jate fan but I'm also a writer and a young filmmaker. Any ways I really am so inspired by all of your vids I've been coming here for about a year and I finally just started making videos. You guys are great. Peace. : )

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  • And I held you closer...

    by LifeisJatey 08-02-2008
    Lost: A Jack and Kate video presenting their story throughout the years
    And I held you closer...
  • Say it to me Now

    by LifeisJatey 05-10-2008
    Lost: A short vid about Jack and Kate : )
    Say it to me Now
  • Juliet's Not About Love

    by LifeisJatey 08-12-2007
    Lost: Character study showing Juliet's past and Present relationships. And how she is over love
    Juliet's Not About Love
  • What I really need...

    by LifeisJatey 07-24-2007
    Lost: What I really need is what makes me bleed. A video about Jack and Kate's love. Their good times and their bad ones. This is kind of AU , my first. Basically after Kate and Jack get off the island they try to be together but Kate can't resist her old ways
    What I really need...
  • Nowhere Warm

    by LifeisJatey 07-16-2007
    Lost: A vid about Kate and her relationship with Jack. Looking on her past especially with Tom and the toy plane.
    Nowhere Warm
  • Somewhere a Clock is Ticking

    by LifeisJatey 07-07-2007
    Lost: A look at Jack and Kate's relationship, especially through season three. Looking back on their past and seeing where they are today. Just my second music video lol I'm sorry if its rubbish
    Somewhere a Clock is Ticking
1-6 of 6 Videos 1