Username: Kay
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Other Fandoms: 10th Kingdom and Lord of the Rings
Email: scullygirl47@yahoo.comLVI
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Bio: I am 22 year old Social science major who will be graduating this May. I am also an aspiring writer. I am a huge Lost fan, as well as I like LotRs, Monk, House, and 10th Kingdom. I adore watching videos for those things. I also enjoy writing for tv and as in book form.

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  • The Incredibly Lost Live commerical

    by Kay 03-16-2010
    Lost: This is a commerical for the fanshow based on the tv show Lost. We only own our voices and story idea. The show, characters (save a few we made up), music, clips, and everything else belongs to the cast and crew of Lost and the tv station. This is just fo
    The Incredibly Lost Live commerical
  • If You Want Me

    by Kay 12-11-2009
    Lost: This is my first AU Lost video. Both Dan & Sawyer love Charlotte. But, in the end Charlotte chooses Dan over Sawyer. I hope you enjoy! This is also my first video using Sony Vegas.
    If You Want Me
  • Come on Boys

    by Kay 01-17-2009
    Lost: Charlie has faced many deaths while on the Island.
    Come on Boys
  • The Lord of the Rings is Lost

    by Kay 10-06-2007
    Lost: September 2007 contest submission. This is a Lost/Lord of the Rings crossover
    The Lord of the Rings is Lost
  • Hallelujah

    by Kay 06-02-2007
    Lost: Charlie thinks about the different parts of his life that really meant something to him.
  • Love

    by Kay 04-15-2007
    Lost: Kate remembers how much she loves Jack.
  • Seasons

    by Kay 12-02-2006
    Lost: After months of planning, it's here - Seasons! What have the people on the Island seen? Love, death, sadness - more!
  • Secrets IV - the End

    by Kay 11-30-2006
    Lost: This is the last of the Secrets series vids
    Secrets IV - the End
  • Lost Commerical

    by Kay 10-18-2006
    Lost: What have the survivors fought? Here is a general Lost commercial about that
    Lost Commerical
  • Baby of Mine

    by Kay 07-06-2006
    Lost: June 2006 Contest Submission
    Baby of Mine
  • one Song Glory

    by Kay 06-10-2006
    Lost: Charlie wants something good before the heroin takes over
    one Song Glory
  • Your Eyes

    by Kay 05-27-2006
    Lost: Jack loves Kate
    Your Eyes
  • Secrets III

    by Kay 04-21-2006
    Lost: The babies back Claire does not trust Charlie and the French Woman wants revenge Part 3 of the Sectets tale
    Secrets III
  • Secrets II

    by Kay 04-19-2006
    Lost: When Charlie hears a warning about Claires baby he comes back. Part 2 of Secrets
    Secrets II
  • Secrets

    by Kay 04-18-2006
    Lost: We all have secrets. Charlie feels like his is bigger than others. He wants to stop, but it ends badly. Is there anyone out there who can save him from himself? Part of an arc.
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