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Bio: 25 years old, lost obsessed...

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  • Bliss

    by Katie 02-19-2006
    Lost: Jack and Sawyer love eachother
  • One Line

    by Katie 12-04-2005
    Lost: Season 1/Exodus vid - Kate tries to maintain her connection to Saywer despite the fact that shes in the jungle and hes on the raft. Kind of concepty.
    One Line
  • Breathe Me

    by Katie 12-03-2005
    Lost: Jack Kate and Sawyer are hoplessly intertwined in eachothers messed up angst ridden lives.
    Breathe Me
  • L'Estate

    by Katie 08-02-2005
    Lost: Video set to Vivaldi's four seasons (well, one season anyway) shows the survivors tortured pasts but all around good time on the island.
  • Fade Into You

    by Katie 08-02-2005
    Lost: Semi-unoriginal Jack/Kate vid to a really great song! The first vid I ever made
    Fade Into You
  • Another White Dash

    by Katie 08-02-2005
    Lost: Kate video examining her need to run, but now shes stuck on an island, so where can she go? Also features Tom, Jack and Sawyer.
    Another White Dash
1-6 of 6 Videos 1