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Joon (Birte)

Username: Joon
Alternate Name: Birte
Vidder Rank: Expert Vidder
Other Fandoms: Pushing Daisies
Email: Joon83@web.deLVI
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Bio: Hi, I'm a 25 years old girl from Germany and I've been addicted to Lost since the first episode. My favourite character is Sawyer, but I'm also very fond of Desmond, Sayid and Juliet. :) I'm a huge Skate fan and love to make vids about them. :D Because my university time and my life as a lazy student are over and I actually have a real job now, my time for vidding has been majorly reduced. But I hope to finish a new vid every once in a while. I hope you enjoy my vids! :D

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Joon's Videos

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  • Season 5 Credits (Veronica Mars Style)

    by Joon 03-15-2009
    Lost: March 2009 contest 1st place winner!
    Season 5 Credits (Veronica Mars Style)
  • Oil and Water

    by Joon 07-20-2008
    Lost: Requested by Morgan. I hope you like it! :)
    Oil and Water
  • Westerland

    by Joon 06-22-2008
    Lost: The O6 miss the island and their friends and want to go back. Slightly AU and of course not very serious. ;) Translation of the lyrics at youtube.
  • Look After You

    by Joon 04-28-2008
    Lost: Sawyer and Kate always look after each other. Fluffy Skate.
    Look After You
  • The Lost Files

    by Joon 04-07-2008
    Lost: Special Agents James Ford and Hugo Reyes are sent to a mysterious island to investigate the disappearance of TV stars Nikki and Paulo Fernandez.
    The Lost Files
  • She's Got Issues

    by Joon 03-31-2008
    Lost: April 2008 contest submission. Kate's got issues, Sawyer is annoyed - a completely non-serious slightly AU portrait of their crazy relationship. ;)
    She's Got Issues
  • Lost Season 4 Credits - Edge of the Ocean

    by Joon 03-15-2008
    Lost: March 2008 contest submission
    Lost Season 4 Credits - Edge of the Ocean
  • Starlight

    by Joon 02-01-2008
    Lost: Just a little vid about how Penny is constantly on Desmond's mind and how he wants nothing more than to be reunited with her.
  • Have Yourself A Very Lost Christmas

    by Joon 12-13-2007
    Lost: December 2007 contest 3rd place winner! Hurley plans christmas on the island
    Have Yourself A Very Lost Christmas
  • All the Same

    by Joon 11-24-2007
    Lost: Sawyer knows that even though Kate keeps running she will always come back to him.
    All the Same
  • Fidelity

    by Joon 11-03-2007
    Lost: Kate can't decide what she wants and it breaks her heart.
  • This is Halloween

    by Joon 10-21-2007
    Lost: A scary Lost ensemble vid set to the song 'This is Halloween' from the opening sequence of 'Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas'.
    This is Halloween
  • Times Like These

    by Joon 10-02-2007
    Lost: 'It's times like these you learn to love again' - Just a little Skate vid. :)
    Times Like These
  • Don Juan deMarco

    by Joon 09-12-2007
    Lost: September 2007 contest 1st place winner! A psychiatrist must cure a young patient who presents himself as Don Juan deMarco, the greatest lover in the world. Will he succeed?
    Don Juan deMarco
  • You've got a friend in me

    by Joon 08-11-2007
    Lost: Hurley and Sawyer - Best friends forever! :D
    You've got a friend in me
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