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Username: JakeNRoland
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Website: http://www.walkingcandyapple.com/
Email: jakeleen77@yahoo.comLVI
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Bio: My name's Jake. LOST is my first attempt at vidding. So far so good. I like stuff that doesn't suck. At one time I was part of the illustrious Council, but life got a little busy. Stupid life. I'm one of the older visitors to the site, so when you see me speak up because my alzheimers probably kicked in and failed to remind myself to recharge the batteries on the hearing aid. You may see me in the forums throwing around the word "glorious" as if it means nothing, but if you get one from me it means you rock. All my videos, silly pictures, and other things you could care less about can be found on my website. Finally, shout-outs. That's right, shout-outs. Mad props to all my former homies in the Council. Laura you rock and will forever be my LVI twin. Hobbes, almost the same to you, Laura and I could have birthed you (too far?). E and Lostcalier, can't say enough about how awesome the two of you are. I'm probably forgetting really cool people at this moment. Let's just say you belong here. You're all GLORIOUS. Peace out!!

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