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  • You're Like a bad Haircut

    by JJWill 01-23-2007
    Lost: Youre almost like a bad Haircut That won't Grow out
    You're Like a bad Haircut
  • Bones

    by JJWill 01-23-2007
    Lost: i like the song Please Watch.
  • Who Knew -Shayid

    by JJWill 12-28-2006
    Lost: A Shannon and Sayid video about her death from Sayid's POV, because i thought this song fitted so well with them.
    Who Knew -Shayid
  • Jate - Show Me The Real You

    by JJWill 12-19-2006
    Lost: A JATE video about how the two of them both feel completely comfortable with each other, and how they sort of 'unmask' each other.
    Jate - Show Me The Real You
  • Anyone

    by JJWill 12-17-2006
    Lost: A JATE video, mainly focusing on the attraction and spark between them both, though with Sawyer there, he complicates things. MUSIC: Anyone - The Feeling MY FIRST VID SO PLEASE BE NICE.
1-5 of 5 Videos 1