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FallingStars (Tia)

Username: FallingStars
Alternate Name: Tia
Vidder Rank: Intermediate Vidder
Other Fandoms: So You Think You Can Dance, One Tree Hill
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  • Leave Out all The Rest

    by FallingStars 10-02-2007
    Lost: Jack and Kate want each other to forget all the struggles they've been through together and the pain they've caused.
    Leave Out all The Rest
  • Black Balloon

    by FallingStars 09-28-2007
    Lost: Kate is broken and complicated, but loves Jack above all else. He's torn over whether to stick by her or let her go, but in the end, their bond overcomes everything else.
    Black Balloon
  • Sorry

    by FallingStars 09-24-2007
    Lost: Kate wants Jack to know how sorry she is for ever hurting him, and wants him to believe she loves him and will always be there.
1-3 of 3 Videos 1