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Bio: Name's Emiloy, I'm 17, a Brit living in Switzerland, never lived in Britain. I discovered vids a few years ago with LOTR, but only recently discovered windows movie maker and gave it a go with my lost eps, and here I am. When not vidding, I'm either ogling actors (mainly Colin Farrell, Dom Monaghan, Josh Holloway and Jared Leto) writing fics, or just surfing the web (looking for trailers for new movies that never seem to come out...) In a word I'm a fangirl

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  • Oblivion

    by Emiloy 02-02-2005
    Lost: A very well put together vid with a good mix of characters.
  • Ever Fallen in Love

    by Emiloy 02-02-2005
    Lost: A Sawyer/Sayid vid that shows that even though they are rivals, they respect each other.
    Ever Fallen in Love
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