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Bio: What can i say ... i'm used to sit at home at my PC, makind vids or Art by Photoshop. My second hobby are Forums ;)

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  • Jack's Fate

    by DrPepper 06-05-2008
    Lost: Jack faces his wrong decision to leave the island The alternate link isnt the Video shown at YouTube its an older version
    Jack's Fate
  • Charlie Pace and his Drug Problem in Season2

    by DrPepper 07-01-2007
    Lost: lol i had no idea how to name the video, so the title is the describtion ;)
    Charlie Pace and his Drug Problem in Season2
  • Naked Around You

    by DrPepper 06-15-2007
    Lost: its about Charlie and how he changed since he met Claire I believe this song and its lyric fits perfect to them so i tried to bring the pics i see on my mind when i listen to this song in this video
    Naked Around You
  • Story of SuperHurley and SuperSayid

    by DrPepper 06-08-2007
    Lost: uhm...why do i call em superhurley and supersayid? watch
    Story of SuperHurley and SuperSayid
  • Feuer Frei

    by DrPepper 06-08-2007
    Lost: its a video just about the pilot with two totally different songs and different impressions you get
    Feuer Frei
  • Breath Me

    by DrPepper 06-07-2007
    Lost: its the same idea like my first video but i wanted to do it with Claire this time remembering the time with Charlie
    Breath Me
  • Tribute to Charlie

    by DrPepper 06-06-2007
    Lost: My tribute to Charlie. Before he dies, he remembers the time with Claire on the island.
    Tribute to Charlie
1-7 of 7 Videos 1